The how to’s of staying fit while traveling

When it comes down to staying fit, consistency is key to achieving and maintaining results. In your day-to-day life you probably have a solid workout routine, but what about your upcoming travel plans? Are they going to throw your results and progress right out the window? Most people have a hard time keeping on track with their fitness goals, but let us share some valuable tips with our how to’s of staying fit while traveling.

The how toโ€™s of staying fit while traveling

1. Bring your travel workout equipment

Take your portable travel exercise kit with you. It can be a set of resistance bands, a suspension trainer like the TRX or if you’re all about yoga, your yoga mat. A skipping-rope will fit anyone’s bag. With some equipment at-hand, you will always be ready to do a workout. Yes, you can do bodyweight workouts without any equipment, but in our experience, you are far less likely to skip a workout if you carried your own equipment to the other side of the planet.

You can find our recommendations for the best travel workout equipment here.

2. Find a local gym

Before heading out to your next location you should ask google if there is a fully equipped gym close to the place you are staying. Or, of course, you can book a hotel with one. Bringing your own travel exercise equipment is great and you can workout everywhere at any time, but it’s hard to beat real gym equipment with something that fit a backpack.

With a gym you can also sign up for some classes, making the commitment a little easier.

3. Diet is everything

Diet Is Everything

Yes, we know you don’t want to read this right before your next travel plan, but the truth is you will never be able to out-train a bad diet. There is a connection between what you eat and how you look and feel. And most of all, you don’t want to consider a crash-diet being all depressed about your trip full of overeating abroad.

That being said, we also think that food alone is a very good reason to travel and enjoy other cultures. Food is and should be one of life’s greatest pleasures. And restricting yourself of all the delicious foods presented can have the opposite effect. You won’t be able to stop the cravings that are coming for you when you are too hard on yourself.

So, the way to go is balance. This way you can enjoy the local cuisine and stay in shape while traveling. It works best to set yourself some ground rules before stepping onto that airplane. Our tips:

  • Eat local fresh food
  • Watch out for those liquid calories
  • Donโ€™t rely on calorie counting
  • Eat until satisfied, not full

4. Be active

There are two types of vacation… well sort off. The recharging the olโ€™ battery with doing a whole bunch of nothing or the experience other cultures type of trip. When you choose the first one mentioned, having access to a gym or bringing your own workout equipment is key for staying fit.

When you go traveling to explore another country, you probably are going to be much more active than back home. This can be very beneficial for keeping in shape while enjoying your vacation.

But also the ‘doing a whole bunch of nothing’ traveler can be active with the right mindset. You can still enjoy sitting by the pool all day and be active that same day. By just starting the day with a long walk on the beach while listening to your favorite music, for example.

5. Download a fitness app

These days you have access to workout plans, fitness routines and everything that goes along with it, all in the palm of your hand. You could download a specific app that fits your fitness needs and it will keep reminding you to do your workouts.

But most importantly, enjoy your travel!

enjoy your vacation

Keeping fit is important, but enjoying your vacation is too! You should make the most out of the situation and do what you can. You might not be able to do your favorite workout, but you can always think of a way to be active.

And remember that variation in exercise can have major benefits for your overall progress. That is why we think of bringing your own travel workout kit is a really smart thing to do. Back home you’re probably using free weights and gym equipment. Now, during your vacation, you have a completely different workout which creates a different stimulus to your muscles.

So, there you go. Our how to’s of staying fit while traveling.
Don’t overthink it, enjoy your trip away!

The how to's of staying fit while traveling


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