Juke Performance Mass Suit – Review

Product: Mass Suit Series
Price: $239 up to $ 379,99 (depending on series)
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com
Guarantee: 30 days test and return policy.  Manufacturer defects are replaced and fixed for free. Broken bands are replaced up to 6 months.

The Juke Performance Mass Suit claims to give you a very effective workout. It can be used for all sports for enhanced speed, strength, power, and endurance. They say it can make you burn up to 50% more calories during your workout by engaging your entire body.

With this suite, you can train anywhere anytime, and that is why we from Lean Travelers were very interested in the Mass Suit Series. It creates total body resistance training for every sport and fitness routine to give you the most out of your workout.

We only had the opportunity to try one of them, and we went for the Mass Suite Pro Series. Want to know our thoughts and advice? Read on…

Juke Performance Mass Suit Review

Mass Suits overview and differences

Juke Performance Mass Suit

Juke Performance created 5 different Mass Suit Series. They have the Elite and Pro Series, with the difference being that the Pro Series suit includes 2 wrist straps and also provides 2 extra additional items: The O2 trainer and 4 Gold Arm Bands (for heavy strength).

They also have the Speed Series which is basically the same as the Pro Series but you get 2 additional speed items with your purchase. A 16 Feet ladder and a six-piece cone set.

The MMA Series is missing the knee straps you get with the Pro Series and you will get 2 Gold Arm Bands instead of 4. You will, however, get an additional jump rope and 2 egg weights (These small egg-like weights fit in your hands and are used to improve punching speed and power. This series is definitely best for fighters.

The Mass Suit Strenght Series is the most expensive but also the most dynamic. It includes the most bands, grips, and straps of all the series and comes with additional items such as a 15LB medicine ball, a 12LB wall ball, and a 10LB slam ball.

Why we went for the Pro Series? Because it’s more complete than the Elite Series and we want to bring the equipment with us. The additional items included with the other series, especialy the Strenght and Speed series are great to have at home, but not really easy to pack in a suitcase.

Mass Suit Workout

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Mass Suit. Watch the video below to see what kind of exercises you can do. This is an upper body routine only, so there are, of course many more exercises.

Working out with the Mass Suite Pro Series

The great thing about performance suits is that you can do both bodyweight exercises and weight training while wearing the suit. It provides extra resistance and therefore can provide you of more overload on the muscles.

We found the suite to be fairly comfortable after adjusting it to our body. Also, because of the bands are attached to the harness you won’t need something to hook them onto. You can literally train anywhere you want. We think it really shines during bodyweight training and especially for burning calories. Oke, we do think we look a little silly, but it’s really fun to use.

But overall, it really exceeded our expectations. It doesn’t take long to build up a sweat and elevate your heart rate. All type of exercises become much harder than they normally are, whether it being bodyweight exercises or working out with weights. If you want to step up your training, it’s great to have, and on top of that it’s seriously fun!

A little piece of advice: Before putting on the Mass Suite you should unclip the resistance bands. Really, believe us! As expected, putting it on for the first time was a little challenging. But the next time shouldn’t be… therefore; unclip the resistance bands!

Mass Suit


  • Great for bodyweight workouts
  • Beneficial for weight loss
  • Train anywhere anytime
  • One size fits all


  • Pricey
  • The bands will last you 6 to 12 months
Our rating
  • Effective workouts
  • Versatile workouts
  • For beginners
  • For experienced lifters
  • Portability


We do think you look a little silly wearing a performance suit, but it can actually provide you a solid workout. It’s great for adding resistance to bodyweight training, which makes it a perfect next step for beginners. Combining the suit with weight training is really fun, but we think that’s more for the serious athlete. If you are a big fan of bodyweight exercises this is a great piece of equipment to have!

Final thoughts

For everyone who is at the fitness level where most standard bodyweight exercises are unchallenging, this is the perfect tool. You are really going to enjoy this piece of equipment once you’re past looking a little foolish 😉

It’s also perfect for beginners and great for advanced athletes to add to their arsenal. Yes, it’s pricey but it’s worth the money. A Juke Performance Mass Suit is made from quality materials which we think is very important for a safe workout.

So, for everyone who loves doing bodyweight workouts everywhere they go, or anyone with limited space, this is seriously a solid piece of portable workout equipment.

If you have any questions please let us know. Also, we love to hear your experiences using the Mass Suit!


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