Bullworker 20″ Steel Bow Review

Bullworker 20" Steel Bow Review

Product: Bullworker 20″ Steel Bow
Price: $119,99
Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com
Guarantee: 90 Day Money Back Guarantee and 5 Year Warranty

We are always on the lookout for the best portable exercise and fitness equipment. And the Bullworker 20″ Steel Bow by Bullworker® claims to be on top of that list. Of course, we were very curious about this smaller version of their original ‘Bow Classic’ and claiming it to be the most versatile workout equipment in their lineup. We did the research, and of course, took it for a spin.

The 20″ Steel Bow introduction & our experience

The Steel Bow sure comes with a few noticeable benefits. First of all, it’s portable and can easily be packed in standard luggage for travel purposes. It’s also easy on the joints which can be really beneficial for anyone struggles with joint issues, and because of that, also great for recovery training. The customized resistance makes it easy to use for all fitness levels and to use for different body parts.


  • 5 Fitness Routines (Isometric, Isotonic, Iso-Motion, Flexibility, Endurance)
  • 0-100 lbs. of resistance
  • 20” long – Weighs 2 lbs.
  • All Steel Construction
  • Adjustable contoured grips for comfort

What’s included when purchasing?

  • Steel Bow
  • Three interchangeable resistance springs
  • Instructional manual with a 90-day sit-at-home routine
  • Carrying case
  • non-slip pad
  • 5-year warranty
  • 90-day money back guarantee

When we received our Steel Bow we were really impressed by the build quality. Both the contoured grips and the cable grips feel solid and are for sure comfortable. Another great accessory, included with the bow, is the non-slip pad. Initially, we didn’t think it would be very useful, but it did provide the grip we needed, with some of the core and abs exercises.

Is there something we didn’t like?
This little piece of equipment is, in our opinion, mainly build for isometric exercises (We will explain that below). Time under tension is very effective for strengthening and building muscles. And this can sure be done with the Steel Bow. We also believe that, during exercise, the range of motion is very important to make sure you include all muscle-fibers. The range of motion with the Bullworker Steel Bow is very limited. For this reason, we don’t think it’s the best workout equipment out there.

So, what would we do?
Research is showing the effectiveness of time-under-tension training. And from our experience, we definitely agree. Therefore we love to bring this with us, but always in conjunction with a suspension trainer or a set of resistance bands. That combination is still our favorite travel workout kit. (you can read about that here)

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How to use the Bullworker 20″ Steel Bow

With the Steel Bow, you can target specific muscle groups, much like you would with a Dumbbell. Bullworker® tells us it can be used for 5 different fitness routines:

    Isometric exercises are done in a static position, rather than through a range of motion. There is no movement in the muscle you are training
    With this type of exercise the muscle length changes. This is the most regular form of exercise. Think in exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, bench presses, squats, and bicep curls.
    This is a combination of isometric and isotonic actions. It’s a term coined by Bullworker®.
    This is all about stretching. The Bullworker 20″ can be used for enhanced stretches to increase your flexibility and range of motion.
    In this case, it’s more about muscle-endurance rather than working on your overall cardio and stamina. Think like 20 repetitions or longer static holds, instead of low repetitions and shorter static holds. With the latter means, u need to use heavier resistance.

This is all true, but we believe the strength of this product is the ability to train with isometric exercises. As we mentioned is the range of motion, and therefore the contraction in the muscles, with the isotonic exercises, very limited. Of course, this also is true with the iso-motion type of exercises. But we do believe that iso-motion is a nice feature.

The Bullworker 20″ Steel Bow comes with a exercises demonstration chart, but these images below will give you an idea of how to perform exercises with it:

Bullworker 20" Steel Bow Review


  • Small, light & portable
  • Easy on your joints
  • Built-in meter to show progress
  • Customized resistance


  • More geared toward the upper body
  • Limited range of motion with isotonic exercises
Our rating
  • Effective workouts
  • Versatile workouts
  • For beginners
  • For experienced lifters
  • Portability


We believe the Bullworker 20″ Steel Bow is a solid and formidable piece of workout equipment. It won’t replace a gym membership, but you can have a great isometric workout with it. It’s suitable for everyone, from beginner to advanced. Because of the size and weight, it’s easy to pack.

Is it for everyone?

We like it as a piece of travel workout equipment. It will bring a nice variety in your workout routine when you use this only on your travels, back home you can go back to the gym. Because of it’s being really small and easy to pack it could also be great for example truck drivers, who want a quick workout while being on the road.

This Bullworker is great for people struggling with joint issues, like arthritis for example, as we mentioned before. Believe it or not but you can do a good workout sitting in a chair, so for people with poor mobility it could be a great way of staying active.

We don’t think, this should be your one and only piece of workout equipment if you are an experienced lifter, but if you are, you probably know that yourself. But, also for you as an advanced lifter, it could be a formidable tool to have.

Final Thoughts

First of all; when a product offers you a 90-day money back guarantee it truly believes in itself. Within 3 months of testing, you should really be able to figure out, if it’s for you or not. Also, the 5-year warranty tells us we’re dealing with a high-quality product. On top of that, Bullworkers have been around since 1962 and the fact they are still available says enough.

We think the Bullworker 20″ Steel Bow is a fine tool. It is a well-built little machine which will last you a lifetime. It won’t replace free weights or machines, but there is not a single portable piece of workout equipment out there that does, but it will give you a formidable workout, and it’s easy to pack in your luggage! We think that when you combine this piece of equipment with, for example, a suspension trainer or a set of resistance bands, you can get the best out of both isometric and isotonic workouts


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