So, you are working out, making gains and are constantly getting in better shape? But like everyone else you also love your holidays and maybe even travel around the globe. How are you making sure you won’t lose your progress? We at Lean Travelers are here to help you out, so you can travel and keep in shape at the same time… or even make some new gains or lose some extra weight during your holiday!

Our Story

At home, we are true gym rats and are serious about living a lean and healthy lifestyle. Being in shape feels fantastic and is like an addiction. As passionate travelers, we really love to visit new places and discover other cultures.

We found that it’s not always easy to combine traveling and keep on track with your fitness goals. When we travel we love to visit and stay in the ‘not-so-touristy’ places which often means there are fewer guesthouses and hotels to choose from. So finding one with a gym is a lot harder. But then again we are not looking for the ‘big’ hotels with a gym anyway… well most of the time.

But does this mean we abandon our fitness goals and take a break working out? The occasional few days rest is a really smart thing to do, but not working out for a month isn’t an option for fitness addicts like us. So what we do is bringing our favorite travel fitness equipment, our favorite supplements, and the right mindset!

Our Goal

We at Lean Travelers are here to share our experience with combining travel and staying fit. We know it’s not always easy getting in shape and it’s just as hard to stay in shape, especially when traveling.

We know some tricks that can help you make the right decisions about working out and what to bring on your holiday, and how to keep your progress intact. The knowledge we share here at Lean Travelers will make things a lot easier for you!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

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